My Top 20 Films (As Of May 2019)

These are my top 20 films as of 2019. I will be making this list once each year as my top 20 changes a lot. More films are released and I watch so many new films that it bound to change from one year to another.

This list took me forever to make, it was hard enough picking just 20 and even harder ranking them.


  1. Zombieland

I’m a huge fan of the zombie genre and this is one of my absolute favourites. It has a stellar cast including jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrison and Emma stone who play their charactors so well. I really like how this film was written it wasn’t just another Zombie film it added great comedy and had some great and unique zombie kills.



  1. Footloose

For me this is just one of those feel good films that just makes you want to smile and sing/dance along. This is a film that me and my mum love watching together and that’s why its on this list. Not to mention it has one of the best 80s soundtracks, I don’t think there’s a song that I don’t like.



  1. What We Do In The Shadows

This is one of those films that I recommend to all my friends. It’s a new take on the vampire genre and its written and directed by a great comedian Taika Waititi. This is probably one of the best mockumentary’s out there and definitely worth a watch. The film was so popular that they have made a TV series out of it which I cant wait for.



  1. Love Simon

This film was one of the best films that came out in 2018. It deals with the struggles of coming out so well and how hard it is to do so. This was a very personal film for me as I’m Bi and I know the struggle of having to come out to a parent. So this film really got to me emotionally.



  1. Gremlins

Another 80s classic (you’ll see a lot of those in this list). Gremlins was one of my favourite films as a child and I still watch it today. I watch it every Christmas and still enjoy it.



  1. Die Hard

One of the best action movies ever made. It has some of the best action and one liners that were somewhat of a staple in 80s action films. Not to mention one of the best villains that just makes this film even more perfect. Its also one of the best Christmas films out there (yes, it is a Christmas film!)



  1. The Green Mile

I only watched this film for the first time a couple months ago and it immediately became a favourite of mine. Its based on a story by Stephen King who is my favourite author. The story is well told and acted. The film has a run time of just over 3 hours and you are never left feeling bored.



  1. The Breakfast Club

Told you there would be more 80s classics on this list. Probably the best John Hughes film and best teen film. All the characters have unique and interesting personalities. Its funny but also deals with some serious topics and it handles them well.



  1. Back To The Future

This is another film that has been a favourite of mine since I was very young. This film is a true classic. Steven Spielberg is one of the best directors and it really shows with this film.



  1. Aliens

Honestly it was hard to choose between this one and the first one. This is an amazing sequel that is better than the original. The action sequences are well done and the characters are likeable and fun to watch, along with some great dialogue.



  1. John Wick

The best action film released in the 2010s. its just straight action no shaky cam or quick cuts and that’s what makes it great. Keanu is amazing in it and its set to become one of my favourite trilogy’s of all time.



  1. Avengers Infinity War

So for this list I decided to pick only one Marvel film and this is it. 10 years of build up all to this film and it delivered. Watching all these characters that we’ve been following for years all meet up was amazing to watch. Endgame was also a great film but im undecided if I like it more than Infinity War.



  1. Reservoir Dogs

This is my favourite Tarantino film. The storyline and characters are superb, im always a fan of the way Tarantino tells his story’s. the way its edited so that you get to see the stories of each member while the main story is unfolding is very well done. Even though you don’t know much about each character you still feel a connection to them. In my opinion this is Tarantino/s best film.



  1. Hot Fuzz

My favourite Edgar Wright film. Edgar Wright is a genious when it comes to directing, each shot is well though out and perfectly done. Hot Fuzz is just one example of how amazing all his films are. The reason why I picked Hot fuzz is because I could honestly watch it a million times and still find it funny and still enjoy it like it’s the first time i’m watching it. Its also one of the films I quote the most.



  1. Star Wars v: The Empire Strikes Back

So this was obviously a choice between IV,V and VI and I had to go with this one. It’s the best of the original trilogy. This one has always stood of to me, its not a cliché story the heros don’t end up winning, they are left wounded. It gives us good character development and a great story.



  1. The lion King.

Lets kick the top 5 off with a Disney animated classic. Arguably Disney’s best animated film with the best soundtrack. Its based off Hamlet which is something I didn’t realise until a couple of years ago, which is one of my favourite plays.



  1. The Goonies

This film will always be in my top 5 no matter what. Like some of the others in this list i’ve loved this film since I was a kid and love it even more now. All I can say is if you haven’t watched this film yet then you need too.



  1. Jurassic Park

What a spectacular film, great story, great characters and dinosaurs. What more is there to say? Definitely Spielberg’s  best work. This film appeals to all ages and the effects still hold up today.



  1. Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring

Yes I decided to go with fellowship over return of the king and trust me it was a difficult decision. However I just love this film so much, seeing the whole fellowship together and the story (its also one of my favourite books).



  1. The Shawshank Redemption

And here it is my favourite film of all time. I cannot express how utterly amazing this film is. From the characters to the writing to the cinematography it’s all perfect. I still can’t believe that this film didn’t win an Oscar. If you haven’t watched it, why? Stop reading this and go watch it! Trust me you won’t be disappointed


There you go my top 20 films of all time. Hope you enjoyed this post, let me know what your top 20 films of all time are.

Thanks for reading!

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