Ranked: All Edgar Wright Films

Hello! So todays post is something new that I’ve had planned for a while and finally decided to write. Today I will be ranking all of Edgar Wrights films from least to most favourite. Also before we begin I just want to point out that I love all of Edgar Wrights films and this list was so difficult to order.

5. The Worlds End


The last film in the cornetto trilogy, I loved this film but sadly one of these films had to come last and it was this one. For me this film wasn’t the best in the trilogy and out of all this films its the one ive rewatched the least. I feel so bad about putting this film last because I really do love it and had a great time watching it.

4. Scott Pilgram vs The World


This film is the one I struggled the most with placing, I kept switching this and Baby Driver around and still do in my mind but for now its going to sit at fourth place on this list. This film deserves so much more love than it gets its an amazing film that mixes live action and two-bit animation to create something that true to the comic and fantastic to watch.

3. Baby Driver


Edgar Wrights latest film and one that I love watching behind the scenes stuff for, I watched an interview with Ansel and Edgar and Ansel said that the script was electronic and on each page was a link to the song that would go with that scene, I just love the detail Edgar put into this film and how the music fits each scene perfectly. This film introduced me to so much new music and watching it just makes me happy.

2. Shaun Of The Dead


The first Edgar Wright film I ever watched and also the first zombie film I ever watched. This is one of my favourite horror films, ever. Its funny and does something different with the genre that makes it stand out as one of the best.If you’ve read my Top 10 Zombie Films post you’d know this would be pretty hight up the list as it is my favourite zombie film of all time, I would highly recommend watching this film if you’ve never done so even if you don’t like zombie films its definitely worth watching.

1. Hot Fuzz

hot-fuzz-2007-simon-pegg-with-gun-and-nick-frost-00n-pai-1000x750Here it is, my favourite film by Edgar Wright Hot Fuzz. This is a film that I can watch on repeat and still love, I honestly can’t even count the amount of times ive watched this film, I probably know it word for word to be honest. I love Edgar Wrights take on the buddy cop movie its just so well done with the right amount of humour, heart and action. Its just a perfect movie full of amazing moments, its a film that I love recommending to people and if you’re going to watch any film on this list watch this.


Thank you for reading, im now going to go watch Hot Fuzz for the millionth time. Also if you didn’t know Edgar Wright has a new film come out next September called Late Night In Soho, its a horror film and im so excited for it.

-Emily x

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